Vanilla Sky is the freshman tape by new Chicago artist Fawaz. He was discovered through a mutual friend and after listening to one song we were immediately hooked. The project themes his battle with mental health and gives his voice and music reasoning. His story telling and ability to morph his passion for the art of dance and mental health awareness is highly magnificent. Vanilla Sky by Fawaz can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal. Enjoy the mixtape and ride this wave with our newest Chicago artist Fawaz. (CLICK spotify or apple music or tidal to go to his album)



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When you think of a shooting star you should think of artist aUSAR (Uh-Sar). This talented individual is a up and coming rapper fresh from chicago. we discovered aUSAR on twitter after everyone & their mother had ReTweeted his "6 page letter" mixtape & changed their AVI's to the tapes cover. We gave him a listen and that is something that we will always remember. we also attended one of his live performances where he knows how to vibe with the crowd. GO and check him out on spotify, we promise you won't regret it! (click the word spotify)