Honey talk is a awesome podcast that is hosted by 2 friends of ours sweet-t and supreme queen. they are mad funny & touch on subjects from civil rights all the way down to red line train stories. check them out! below is a small blurb directly from them and also a link to their sound cloud. 

"Tune in to Honey Talk where the tea is sweet and queens reign supreme. A podcast where two 20 something young women talk about current events, our days and advice we have for each other and you!"


they may not have hoes (or maybe they do) but they have all the Commentary you can ask for. judging by the Picture You can tell that these 2 are going to be funny and real at the same time...Two bearded, faithful, black men navigating the important issues of life ranging from music to new brands of clothing all the way to relationship advice.


"The official podcast of the shogun of sarcasm (Saha Cool) and the tyrant of exotic teas (Randall Mance). On this platform we'll discuss an array of topics relative to our lives. We'll talk about everything from the time we've taken L's to our contrasting personalities. “